The cost of dental implants in the Philippines are expensive at first. However, when you start comparing the price of the service outside the country then you’ll see why it’s worth paying for it here. Dental implants have been one of the more popular services for tooth replacements. It has a different approach to tooth replacement which none of its alternatives can offer.

This article will talk about dental implants in the Philippines and why it’s worth it. It’ll go into its benefits, the price, and its alternatives.

How Much Are Dental Implants in the Philippines?

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The average price range of dental implants in the Philippines is Php 60,000 – Php 75,000.

Yes, it is expensive. However, a dental implant in the US starts at $3,000. In the Philippines, a dental implant starts at $1,100. That’s less than half of the cost you’ll find outside the country.

Also, try to remember that each dental clinic will have its own prices. If you’re looking for the cheapest dental implant in the area, try and visit the dental clinics that offer the service.

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What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small cylindrical implant made out of titanium. The implant is surgically inserted into the jaw bone of the missing tooth. Once it’s secured, the dental implant is then secured with a dental crown.

Currently, a dental implant is the best solution for missing teeth thanks to its ability to stop a few problems that come after.

The Benefits of a Dental Implant

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  • Stops Bone Loss – when you lose a tooth, the bone around starts to recede. It won’t happen overnight nor will it happen in a few weeks. Bone loss happens over the course of years and it inflicts permanent damage on the area. A dental implant is one of the only services that can prevent this problem from happening.
  • Longevityhow long does a set of dentures or a dental bridge last? Well, a dental implant is known to last a lifetime. Its titanium body allows it last for decades even with the pressure of being a replacement tooth.
  • Comfortunlike dentures, a dental implant does not discomfort the user in any way. Its placement on the jawbone makes it indistinguishable to the user. The only thing that the patient has to worry about is the dental crown but even that comes with a number of benefits.

What Do I Need To Get A Dental Implant?

Since it’s a procedure that requires preparation, it’s expected that the requirements for it are quite vast. Well, no.

To get a dental implant, you only need to have the following:

  • Healthy Bodily Function – you just have to be in a healthy physical state if you want a dental implant.
  • No Underlying Diseases – as with most dental surgery, going into a procedure with an underlying illness is not recommended. It’s best if you wait for the illness to subside before going for the surgery.
  • Enough Bonethe dental implant is going into the bone of your missing tooth. If you lack the required bone, however, then you might have to undergo a bone grafting procedure.

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What Is A Bone Grafting Procedure?

A bone grafting procedure involves the use of a bone graft to restore missing bone.

Your dentist would either use a graft or some spare bone.

This procedure is mainly used for the facial trauma that has left the patient with lost bone or for dental implants.

The price of the service itself is half of what you’d pay for a dental implant. However, prices may vary from dental clinic to another.

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

If you have the means to get one, then go for it. However, this does not mean that its alternatives are effective replacements; they just don’t have the capability to offer the same level of benefits.

A dental implant is expensive no matter how you put it. If you can’t afford one, then you’re better off going for a dental bridge or a set of dentures. The latter being the cheapest tooth replacement service albeit the most flawed.

Just remember that you’re ultimately looking for a tooth replacement. The sooner you find one the better.


If you have any queries or questions, then don’t be afraid to talk to your dentist about it. Your dentist can grant you the insight and information needed to make the right decision. Always do this when the need to take action on your teeth comes into mind.