The cost of dentures in the Philippines in 2018 remains to be the cheapest form of tooth replacement service. This has been the case for the past decades mainly due to this very reason, it’s cheap. However, is it still worth it even though it’s very affordable? This article will look into dentures and what it has to offer. It’ll also compare its price to two of its more notable alternatives.

The Cost of Dentures in the Philippines in 2018

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The average cost of dentures in the Philippines in 2018 starts at Php 15,000. This may sound expensive but a dental bridge starts at Php 20,000 while a dental implant costs Php 60,000. You can see that, of all three, dentures have the cheapest price tag.

What Are The Advantages of Dentures?

  • Price – this is the very reason why the product is the go-to for most patients. No one wants to spend a lot of money in replacing one tooth. Also, a patient can get a cheaper version of the service if they only have one tooth to replace since a partial version of the product exists.
  • Accessibility – since dentures are on high demand amongst patients, it’s only common to find it in every dental clinic in the country. No matter where you are in the Philippines, you will always find dentists that offer dentures be it full or partial.

What Are The Disadvantages of Dentures?

  • Uncomfortable – the acrylic base of dentures may irritate your gums cause you discomfort for the first couple of weeks.
  • Unsightlyif you smile with full dentures on, most of the people looking at you will notice. If you care about your appearance, then it’s advised that you get something that blends in better.
  • Loosesome dentures may not be fitted well and can move around when you talk or eat. This makes it a lot harder to keep it in place and may even have the tendency to fall out.
  • Inconvenientyou’re going to need to clean your dentures unless you want bacteria to start building up.


Make sure to talk to your dentist on this issue and ask everything you need to know about the service. This helps make the decision a lot easier.