Orthodontic braces in the Philippines have had an improvement in variety throughout the years. Finally, patients no longer had to choose from just the standard metal braces available. Anyone who takes a trip down to their orthodontist will see that he/she will have an array of braces to offer them. Of course, each of these newer braces has their own set of pros and cons. With the number of braces being offered today, it’s quite easy to get confused as to what you should get. So, this article will go over four notable orthodontic braces in the Philippines and see which one should you pick.

The Kinds of Orthodontic Braces in the Philippines

Before we start, it’s safe to say these different orthodontic braces in the Philippines do come with varying price tags. It’s important to remember this because a certain set of braces may interest but you don’t have the budget for it. This article will try and show you the average price range for each of these appliances. Another thing to note is that each of the product’s disadvantages will be shown to give you a better as to what it can do. There are no biases in this article.

Traditional Metal Braces

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These are probably the first ones that come to mind when someone mentioned orthodontic braces in the Philippines. Metal braces are called that way because most of its components are made out of metal. From the brackets to the arching wires, and more. Going into an orthodontist’s office, these will probably be the first ones to be offered to you.

As for their advantages, metal braces are the perfect choice for treating extreme correction. Being made out of metal, traditional braces are a lot tougher than its other counterparts. It was meant to correct overtly misaligned teeth. They’re also one of the more affordable braces available in the country, a quality that most of its alternatives can’t really answer.

However, metal braces do come with a few disadvantages that may turn people off. The most glaring issues (pun not intended), is of the metal appearance. Some may be turned off by the metallic appearance that this gives off once placed in their mouth. Aside from that, metal braces can also be uncomfortable for first-time users. It will take some time to get used to it so the first few weeks can be troublesome. Their prices can start at around Php 30,000.

Ceramic Braces

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One look at ceramic braces and you can tell that it’s built to hide the metallic appearance of traditional braces. Its clear brackets give it a big advantage over metal braces. Of course, since its made out of ceramic, do expect the price to be higher than that of traditional braces.

It’s biggest advantage would be its appearance. It ensures that anyone who is need of braces isn’t bogged down by its appearance. Finally, can the conscious individuals smile with ease and confidence if they’re wearing a set of ceramic braces.

Its advantages do tend to sprout a bit more, however. Aside from being expensive, ceramic braces are a bit weaker. They’re not as tough as metal braces so it’s advised to refrain from any full-contact sport while wearing them. Also, ceramic braces cannot handle extreme conditions of correction. It’s only meant to fix minor problems when it comes to positioning. They can start at a price range of around Php 90,000.

Lingual Braces

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Lingual braces are called that way because they allow the user to speak perfectly even when they’re on. How? Well, lingual braces are placed at the back of the teeth. They are totally invisible from the naked eye unless someone uses a mirror.

Aside from visibility as one of its stark advantages, lingual braces do come with another advantage. Since they’re placed at the back of the teeth, musicians who play wind instruments can continue doing so. Lingual braces are also strong enough to treat the more difficult cases of correction. It’s still made out of metal brackets so it still has the durability of traditional braces.

As for its disadvantages, lingual braces may be more uncomfortable than regular braces. Furthermore, since they’re placed at the back of your teeth, the time for correction can take a bit longer. Note that the normal treatment for metal braces is around 12 – 24 months. If one has lingual braces on, then expect it to be longer.

Damon Braces

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Damon braces are known as the more superior braces when compared to metal braces. Almost every aspect of its design was made to correct most of the problems people had with the latter. If you’ve never heard of Damon Braces before then know that it is a whole lot better than traditional metal braces.

It has a ton of advantages. Let’s start with the fact that Damon braces have reduced the level of discomfort by a significant amount. This is due to its own sliding mechanic that allows a more smooth transition. The same mechanic is also responsible for the lack of individual maintenance done by the dentist. In addition, one can expect the treatment time to be reduced to about 9 months.

The only disadvantage that one can point out is its price. The price of Damon braces in the Philippines can start at around Php 100,000. It’s no joke. It really is that expensive. If you do want the service, then be sure to talk to your orthodontist about it.

Conclusion and Reminders

Do know that each of these braces has their own role to fill. Some are a better fit for those looking to be discreet in their orthodontic efforts. Others will not care for the appearance in general and just wish to undergo a correction.

Finally, always consult your dentist first before anyone else. Only your dentist what’s best for your teeth and whether or not you need do need a certain type of braces. Always do this when you’re looking to put in a lot of money for a certain service. Click here to know why it’s important to visit your dentist. e