The price of a root canal should be the least of your worries especially if you’re in need of the treatment. Root canal treatments today are one of the most important services that a dentist can provide. This is because it solves a problem not a lot of patients are aware of.

The Price of a Root Canal Service in Manila

image for price of a root canal

The average price of a root canal service is around Php 6,000.

It’s basically within the same range of an impacted wisdom tooth removal.

If it seems too expensive, then take note that it can save you from a more expensive service in the future.

What Is A Root Canal Service And What Problem Does It Treat?

A root canal treatment involves cleaning out an infected pulp found inside a tooth. The infected pulp causes your tooth to become too sensitive towards pressure and temperature hence the reason why it needs to be removed.

What’s left is a hollow tooth filled with a material called gutta-percha and then sealed with dental cement or a composite resin.

The Benefits of a Root Canal Service

  • Removes The Pain – living with an infected tooth can prove to be difficult and uncomfortable. You’ll find that chewing food is painful and drinking certain types of liquids is discouraging. A root canal service effectively gets rid of the pain forever.
  • Saves Your Tooth – some may opt to just outright remove the infected tooth altogether and be done with it. However, this can lead to a number of problems down the line. A root canal treatment shows why it’s worth keeping your natural tooth.
  • Saves You Money – what happens when you remove your infected tooth? You’re going to have to find a replacement for it or else your entire teeth become crooked. Only then will you appreciate the price point that a root canal asks of you.


To know whether or not you have an infected tooth, the most effective way of doing this is by visiting your dentist. You can get a dental examination and see if you really are suffering from the problem. Thankfully, checkups today are very cheap.