The price of teeth retainers in the Philippines will change when you’re visiting one dental clinic and another. However, you really only have to worry about the price of teeth retainers in the Philippines if it doesn’t come with your orthodontic plan. Orthodontists today throw in a retainer after the treatment as a free bonus. This article will talk about the price of teeth retainers, how they work, can they straighten teeth, where to get them and more.

The Price of Teeth Retainers in the Philippines

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So, how much is the price of teeth retainers in the Philippines? The product can start at around Php 3,000 or more. The price will depend on the clinic you’re going to and the type of retainer that you’re actually getting.

Most orthodontists today offer an orthodontic package which includes braces, the whole treatment, and a retainer at the of the treatment. It’s best if you find yourself a clinic that actually offers this kind of payments. If not, then you’ll have to pay for the full price.

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Can Teeth Retainers Straighten Teeth?

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The answer for the question – can teeth retainers straighten teeth – will depend on the type of problem an individual has. Teeth retainers can straighten teeth if the situation is very mild. For example, if a patient only needs two teeth to be straightened, then his/her orthodontist will use retainers do the job. However, if an individual is suffering from crowding, overbite or spacing, then braces are needed.

How Do Teeth Retainers Work?

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How do teeth retainers work? Retainers are mainly used to help keep your straight. Retainers are what comes after braces. Orthodontic braces straighten teeth out and your retainers are there to keep them as such.

Why should you wear retainers in the first place? It’s because our teeth, even if it has been straightened out, will revert back to its original place. This basically undoes everything your braces were made to correct.

Where Do You Get Teeth Retainers?

The most common place to go for teeth retainers is a dental clinic, more specifically, your orthodontist. An orthodontist clinic should always be your first destination if you have a problem dealing with the structure of your teeth. Orthodontists specialize in the positioning teeth that’s why they’re the ones who offer dental braces.

What Is The Best Retainer?

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Each type of retainer is made to fit a specific purpose. Sure, there are some types of retailers who are known to do two things at once. Here are some of the more well-known teeth retainers.

  • Essix Retainermade from a clear and silicone-like material, an Essix retainer closely resembles that of an Invisalign aligner. Their popularity is due to the fact that their clear material makes them subtle to look at. However, their closed design prevents your upper and lower teeth from meeting each other. They also have a shorter lifespan.
  • Hawley Retainerthese retainers are made from an acrylic plastic and bendable wires. The plastic is made to resemble the top of your mouth giving them a snug fit. As for their appearance, wearing a Hawley retainer will look you’re wearing braces but without the brackets. Hawley retainers are also adjustable giving your orthodontist the benefit of adjusting them.
  • Permanent Bonded Retainerthese types of retainers are the only ones that stay on your teeth. Since they’re permanent, bonded retainers do a good job on keeping your teeth straight. The retainer itself is placed at the back of your lower front teeth. The retainer will stay on anywhere between six months and an entire year. After that, your orthodontist will switch it out with one of the two previous retainers.


Make sure to consult your dentist on any of the products mentioned in this article. Doing so will give you the right kind of information on whether or not you should be paying for a certain retainer or not.