Tooth implants have been used successfully for many years. Your implant should last for a very long time if you take the following points to heart.

Thorough cleaning and caring for the implant during all steps of the treatment is extremely important. Careful attention to your oral hygiene every day is important for the survival of your implant.

Smoking is one of the greatest risks of implant-related complications according to some Dental Clinics in Manila. You should, therefore, try to quit, or lessen it to preserve your implants.

 Visiting your dental practice for regular checkups is just as important. Dental Clinics in Manila recommends they are usually at intervals of 3 to 6 months. At these visits, your implants, teeth, and gums are checked and professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning of implants is more complex than cleaning teeth on your own, which means that it takes longer and may require special instruments.