No one wants to experience a toothache. No matter if it lasts a second or a minute, nothing ruins a perfectly good day than a sharp throbbing pain. One can say the origin of a toothache is a cavity. And, while they’re not wrong, there are a number of reasons why a toothache happens. This article will explore everything you need to know about your tooth crying out in pain. Why does it happen? How do I stop it right away? And what can I do to prevent it in the future? These are the questions that this article will be answering.

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The Why’s Of A Toothache

Let’s start with the most common reason for a toothache, tooth decay. Tooth decay may not pose a threat on the surface, but when left unchecked it can deliver on some serious damage. If the decay does break through the surface of the tooth then a toothache starts to happen. At this point, it would be advised that you go see a dentist. However, the toothache will turn to sharp pain if the decay is left to reach the center of the tooth. You do not want to experience the pain felt when it comes to this phase. It’s best that you go to your nearest dentist right away.

Sensitivity can be another reason for a toothache. When a tooth’s enamel is worn down, high or low temperatures will mean pain. When the enamel is weak, the dentin is exposed and what comes after will ruin anyone’s day. Any contact with the said tooth will mean that it is sensitive enough to hurt. Try using toothpaste that caters to sensitive teeth applied to a fine-bristled toothbrush. As for the enamel wearing down, it could’ve been through a number of reasons.

A damaged tooth is also a common reason for a toothache. Be it cracked or chipped, when a tooth isn’t protected by its enamel, then one will experience pain. Usually, your dentist will have an answer for damaged teeth. If they have it, a veneer or, most probably, a composite restoration are the two best choices to choose from. Regardless, a damaged tooth needs to be fixed as soon as it can or else constant pain becomes present.

There are more reasons why a toothache can crop up. From teeth grinding in your sleep to defects from previous dental procedures. Just remember that when any of these problems appear, go consult your dentist right away. Don’t wait for your condition to enter severe levels of pain, it’s not worth the time spent in a dental clinic.

How Does One Prevent It From Happening Again? The Answers: Toothache Remedies and the Dentist

Well, the best and most obvious answer would be is to brush your teeth. If you keep your teeth at a constant degree of hygiene, then you’ve greatly improved your chances. Brushing at least twice a day will help prevent future toothaches. Just make sure that you’re using a decent toothbrush paired with a trusted brand of toothpaste.

Also, it helps to floss at least once a day. No matter how good you use a toothbrush, it still won’t be able to reach the spaces between your teeth. Think of flossing as the final touch to brushing your teeth, it ensures that you’ve removed every speck of fine food material that’d cause more trouble in the future.

The food you eat also helps. If you previously had an unhealthy habit of munching down on sugary products, then it’s probably a good idea to cut back. Eat food that actually helps such as fruit and greener vegetables with actual leaves on them. It’s imperative to try and stick to a healthy diet because the food you eat dictates how well your body’s going to last. You don’t have to change overnight or completely get rid of sugary treats, just try and eat healthier food.

The best method of preventing toothache comes from the words of your dentist. Your dentist knows how the tooth works, a check-up will the current state of your teeth. Maybe that constant toothache keeps popping up because you already have a decayed tooth? Maybe the enamel in your teeth has slowly degraded resulting in pain caused by sensitivity. A visit to your dentist can and will reveal problems that are plaguing your teeth.  

In Closing

Hopefully, this article reminded you that a toothache is caused through different means. When you boil it down, maintaining your oral hygiene helps a ton with your teeth. That is the number one thing to do if you want to prevent future toothaches. Also, the best advice you can get is from a professional. Never forget to visit your dentist for a check-up. It doesn’t cost much nor will it take too long. Basically, if you want to keep your teeth healthy, visit those who know how to do so.