Everyone wants to know if they should undergo a wisdom tooth removal. Asian Sun Dental Clinic in Quezon City, has a few alternatives to tooth extractions. However, if you do want to get that wisdom tooth removed, then it’s best if you knew a few things beforehand. If you are afraid of having a tooth removed, then it’s better to look at the alternatives of a tooth extraction. Asian sun Dental Clinic in Quezon City has a few ways of dealing with problems normally solved by tooth extractions. They a full list of services of that help you in different kinds of situations, so feel free to visit their website.

When and Why For Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Wisdom Teeth

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You’re here because you want to know when and why you should undergo wisdom tooth removal. Well, it depends really. You see, in standard situations, a wisdom tooth would pop out naturally and be part of your set of teeth. Those who experience this can be considered lucky since it’s not always the case. In most situations, wisdom teeth threaten the alignment of your teeth due to the way they’re positioned or they become impacted. So, in this situation, it’s better if you were to go for wisdom tooth removal. There are implications to it, however, but you are fixing an oral issue.

The Procedure Itself

As for the surgery itself, a standard wisdom tooth removal follows a few steps in its operation. Your dentist will check that wisdom tooth by x-ray to see if it should be removed. Your dentist will then give you a short list of meds to take to prepare your body for the operation. When all preparations are done, the wisdom tooth removal can finally go underway. A local anesthetic will be applied to numb the area. This is followed by gum tissue being opened up and bone material covering material will be removed. After the separation, the dentist can proceed to remove the wisdom tooth whole. However, it’s always the case. If the wisdom tooth proved too difficult to remove whole then chances the dentist will cut it into smaller pieces. Before the operation is finished, stitches will be required. These stitches may dissolve or it has to be removed by the dentist himself after a few days.

After the operation, your dentist will have you bite down on a gauze. Some tips your dentist will give you include: avoid lying flat as it may prolong the bleeding. An ice pack for the first 24 hours will be used followed by its opposite of a cloth soaked in warm water. Apply these on the area outside your cheek. Also, don’t forget to rinse your mouth with warm salt water after the first day.


If you do wish to know more, always visit your dentist for clear and concise information on certain operations. There are certain risks to wisdom tooth removal and it’s better if you were to talk to a dentist near you. All the information you would need is at their disposal. So, never forget a visit a dentist near you before making a decision.