Dental crowns become necessary sometimes to protect decayed or damaged teeth. There was a time when these were made only of precious metals or of metal alloys for those looking for more affordable options. These are offered to many Dental Clinics in Manila. However, these tend to stand apart and many people preferred porcelain crowns as they match the original teeth more closely. But, dental crowns or caps should have both, functional utility as well as aesthetic appeal. Metal crowns are sturdier and offer more durability. The use of porcelain fused gold dental crowns instead utilizes the good qualities of both gold and porcelain.


How are porcelain fused gold crowns made?

‌ The porcelain used gold dental crown consists of a thin layer of an alloy that contains about 60 percent of gold. This is then covered with porcelain that is shaped like a tooth. This gives it a more natural look than a crown made of metal only. However, since the gold alloy needs to be masked totally, more opaque porcelain is used. This makes it less natural-looking than the dental crown made solely of porcelain.