What is a tooth jacket? For starters, a toot jacket has become one of the most effective and sought-after tooth restorations services in the country. It gives a patient the opportunity to fix and improve a severely damaged tooth without the need of extracting it from its place. How much is a tooth jacket in the Philippines? Well, that’ll depend on a few things. This article will answer the questions – how much is a tooth jacket in the Philippines and what is a tooth jacket – as it goes through the different aspects of the product.

What is a Tooth Jacket?

So, what is a tooth jacket? A tooth jacket (also known as a dental crown) is a false tooth that comes in a variety of material made to be placed on a severely damaged tooth. Essentially, this a tooth jacket caps off a severely damaged tooth protecting it from further damage and replacing it the same time.

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How Is a Tooth Jacket Placed on Your Teeth?

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To keep it simple, a dentist will file the affected tooth down to size. This is to make room for the dental crown that goes on top of the tooth.

Usually, your dentist will give you a temporary crown or jacket to wear while the actual crown is being made. The waiting time can be from a few days all the way up to a week or two; that will depend on your dental clinic and whether or not they have their own laboratory.

How Much is a Tooth Jacket in the Philippines?

How much is a tooth jacket in the Philippines? The cost of a tooth jacket in the Philippines can start at Php 9,000. Now, the price is subject to change depending on your location, the dental clinic, and the type of crown that you’re getting.

Yes, the price will change drastically depending on the type of crown that you’ve chosen. A tooth jacket can come in a variety of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, common alloy, and even gold. It’s safe to assume that the latter will raise the price up by a significant amount.

What Are The Benefits of a Tooth Jacket?

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Here are the main benefits that a tooth jacket can bring to your teeth:


  • Functionality – a tooth jacket is an effective replacement for a severely damaged tooth. It’s strong enough to withstand the daily stress that a tooth is subjected to.
  • Comfort – dental crowns feel natural especially if you’ve picked the right type of jacket. Your gums tolerate dental crowns pretty well and not a case of irritation will be experienced.
  • Aesthetics – a dental crown can perfectly blend in with other teeth. It also improves upon the look of the original tooth that it’s replacing as your it comes in a brighter shade and better shape.


What Are The Different Types of Dental Crowns?

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Though there are a lot of materials that a tooth jacket can come in, this article will only list down the more popular ones.


  • Porcelain – a porcelain crown is the standard choice for any patient. It looks good, feels natural and relatively affordable. The only take away from the material is that it’s not the toughest out there. Sure, it is durable enough to withstand the daily stress of a tooth but it’s still subject to chipping.
  • Gold – yes, a gold dental crown does exist and it’s a pretty popular choice for patients. It’s tough, has a smooth exterior that wards off bacteria, and lasts a for a very long time. As for its takeaway, well the very fact that its gold might have already given you a hint. Gold crowns are expensive, very expensive.
  • Emax – what is emax? Emax is a specially heated ceramic thus giving it a higher level of durability as well as a more natural look compared to porcelain. It is more expensive but a lot of patients are willing to pay for the price hike due to the benefits offered by the material.


Considering Your Options

A dental crown is best taken when you’re dealing with a damaged tooth that’s too far gone from regular restorations. However, if you’re only experiencing a chipped or broken tooth, then it’s advised to go for simpler services like composite restorations or fillings.


As always, you must consult your dentist if a certain dental product or service has piqued your interest. It is highly advised that you do this because information and insight are the two things you need to make the right choice for your dental care.