The cost of metal braces today seems high at first but it’s actually the cheapest out of all the different types of braces available. Thanks to their accessibility, metal braces have been the go-to type of orthodontic treatment for patients. It may not be a perfect choice, but it does beat any other alternative in terms of price. This article will talk about the cost of the service and more about it.

The Cost of Metal Braces in the Philippines

image for cost of metal braces

The average cost of metal braces in the country starts at Php 30,000. Once again, it might seem expensive at first glance but you’ll soon find that it is the most affordable one.

To give you perspective, Damon braces has a price tag of at least Php 100,000. That’s how expensive some of the alternatives are.

If you are worried about the price, then try to remember that some orthodontic clinics offer packages that include the treatment as well as the retainer that comes after.

What Are The Benefits of Metal Braces?

  • Durable – thanks to its durable build, metal braces are the perfect choice for patients looking to treat severe orthodontic problems. The braces can withstand a lot of the constant pressure and it’s tough enough to resist exterior damage.
  • Affordableas mentioned before, metal braces are affordable. Thanks to this reason, traditional metal braces have been the first choice for most patients.

What Are The Disadvantages of Metal Braces?

  • Uncomfortable – everyone will agree that metal braces are uncomfortable. They feel tight and the first week or two will be difficult for all. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of this product.
  • Unsightlythere are those that would say that metal braces don’t look very good when worn. Although a lot of adolescents today have warmed up to the look, this quality still remains as a disadvantage.


The best place to go to know more about this type of braces is your orthodontist. Your orthodontist is responsible for giving you your braces, retainers, and more. Make sure that you consult them on this topic to know more about it and be able to spend wisely on it.