Getting dental crowns in the Philippines means you’re acquiring the best tooth repair and replacement service today. A dental crown not only fixes the problem of a damaged tooth, but it actually gives you a replacement that is both tough and, depending on the material, blends easily with your other teeth. Another aspect that makes a dental crown such a great service is the selection of difference crowns. There are different materials to pick from, with each having their own set of advantages over the other. However, not a lot of dental clinics can actually the wide variety of crowns. That’s why today, this article will talk about the variety of dental crowns available and a dental clinic to get them.

Some Gold Teeth Will Do

Have you ever seen a prospector in one of those classic spaghetti western movies? Chances are, you’ve already seen a person with a gold tooth before. In the case of dental crowns, gold crowns are a popular choice if one is fixing a damaged tooth located at the very end of their own set. Gold certainly stands out from the rest of your teeth, but what it lacks in look makes up for in durability.

Being made out of metal, gold dental crowns in the Philippines have much pretty much ensured their own longevity. They’re tough. So tough, in fact, that they are able to take the harshest punishment a regular would normally take in the lifetime.

The only downside to a gold crown is the fact that it’s gold. Gold costs a lot so don’t expect to get a full set of gold dental crowns in the Philippines if you are on a budget. A full set can reach a price range of over Php 50,000!

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The Popular Choice

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The Popular Choice

When paying for dental crowns in the Philippines, it’s best to go for the most popular choice. Porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM) currently stand as the most popular choice for patients. Porcelain perfectly captures the look and feel of a normal tooth. Its translucent nature makes it blend easily and its chemical composition makes it easier gives it the feeling of feeling natural.

Though it may not hold the same strength in durability as a gold crown, a PFM crown is still capable of holding its own. Able to withstand the daily functions of a normal tooth.

One of the main disadvantages of a PFM crown is chipping. When heavily damaged, a PFM crown may chip and damage other teeth. The best thing one could do is to be careful and to consult a dentist for a routine checkup.

The Newer Crown

One of the more recent innovations in dental crown technology is the EMAX crown. Made out of a specially heated ceramic, emax dental crowns in the Philippines are extraordinarily tough. They easily tick the box for appearance and have passed every durability test. Basically, an emax crown takes the best qualities from both a gold and a PFM crown and meshes them together.

The only drawback to an emax crown is its price; it’s nearly double for the price of one PFM crown or maybe, even more, depending on the dental clinic you’re in.

Asian Sun Dental Clinic

I’ve mentioned before of a dental clinic that can give you all three choices for dental crowns in the Philippines. I was talking about Asian Sun Dental Clinic. Marking dental crowns as part of their featured service list, Asian Sun offers its patient a wide variety of dental services. One of their specialties are dental crowns, so it would be no surprise to you that they can give you the kinds of crowns mentioned above. What makes their services even better are the prices they introduce. All the dental service they offer are made affordable for all patients.


Always remember that in choosing a dental crown for its advantages means you’re also taking its downside. There may not be a lot of these but it’s still worth giving it a second thought. If you are ever doubtful of a certain service, consulting a dentist will clear up whatever complication you may have with it. It’s recommended to hear a professional before taking on a service such as a dental crown.