Zirconia crowns have recently seen a spike in popularity due to its overall advantages over the popular porcelain crowns. Naturally, when this dental service was given the proper spotlight in a lot of dental clinics, people with oral issues wanted it. However, finding the best dental clinic to get zirconia crowns in Manila is a bit tricky.

I say “the best dental clinic” because a number of clinics tend to hike the price of the service. One needs to find a clinic that can easily balance quality and price together. So is there such a dental clinic that provides zirconia crowns in Manila? Well, there is and zirconia crowns aren’t the only service they specialize in.

Zirconia Crowns in Manila and Asian Sun Dental Clinic

Asian Sun Dental Clinic prides itself as a dental clinic that fully cares for its patients. Be it in delivering a superb quality in zirconia crowns in Manila or any other dental service you see only see in large and fancy dental clinics.

You see, unlike most dental clinics today, Asian Sun was born out of a purpose. A purpose to put the patient’s oral welfare first before anything else. This would mean a considerable slash in prices and a significant rise in quality. No other dental clinic within a hundred miles can promise such a thing, let alone even execute it.

As for the clinic’s service list, all the most popular and effective dental services are only available. This means all kinds of teeth repairs from porcelain crowns and zirconia crowns in Manila. Cosmetic dentistry, that’s what Asian Sun specializes in but they’re not too far from other dental services as well. Their head dentist, Dr. Garcia, is trained to perform a bone grafting service and dental implants.

Not only that, Asian Sun is also staffed by the best dentists around. Each assistant that makes up the team found in the clinic have their own achievements and experience. Driven by a single purpose, these men and women further aid Asian Sun’s noble cause and allow the clinic to serve its patients with skill and confidence.

The Dental Innovation That Is A Zirconia Crown

image for zirconia crowns in Manila

The Dental Innovation That Is A Zirconia Crown

Image by Bayshore Dental Studio

Finding the perfect dental clinic that provides zirconia crowns in Manila means that you’ve probably found a permanent fix to your damaged tooth. Unlike gold crowns, zirconia has a translucent aesthetic making it a perfect fit to your teeth. Also, zirconia takes a lot of punishment before it breaks. Durability is just one of several advantages that this crown has over porcelain.

A Few Closing Thoughts

This article is not trying to say that Asian Sun Dental Clinic is the only one that provides zirconia crowns in Manila. There are numerous clinics in the metro that provides the same service. However, this article is implying that Asian Sun offers more benefits your way. Benefits such as price which is lowered, and a dental experience that is made unforgettable.

So, if you’re looking for these qualities from a dental clinic, Asian Sun is always a safe and reliable choice for any dental issues you might have.