One can expect that the foods that whiten teeth are usually those that belong to a more natural category. Nutritionists around the world have always stated how eating healthy can improve every aspect of your body. These foods not only benefit your immune system or cognitive functions, but they too can whiten your teeth. A healthy diet impacts your teeth in a very significant way. It can prevent tooth decay, heal toothaches, and even whiten your teeth. That’s why today, this article will go over the best foods that whiten teeth.

Foods That Whiten Teeth


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Out of all the foods that whiten teeth, strawberries should be one of the most effective ones on the list. You see, strawberries contain malic acid – a compound that helps remove stains and discolorations.

If you’ve ever gone through the internet looking for simple and natural ways to whiten teeth, then you’ve undoubtedly come across strawberries. To use these as a home remedy for teeth whitening simply do the following:

  • Slice a couple of strawberries in half.
  • Rub the exposed portions of your teeth.
  • Try and repeat this process for at least once a day for a week or two.

Of course, you can always try to consume the malic acid in a more natural way. This gives strawberries such an amazing versatility that allows it to whiten your teeth in many ways. Remember this come the time you want to try to whiten your teeth as well.


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Like strawberries, apples are also a good source of malic acid. Beginning to see a pattern? Just try and remember that the best foods that whiten teeth are those that provide malic acid. But enough about malic acid, what else do apples have?

Well, biting through an apple actually helps scrub your teeth. This scrubbing effect helps remove tooth discoloration. In addition, a single apple has a concertation of water. Water that helps promotes the formation of saliva. Now, if you’ve read up on your health facts you’d know that saliva prevents discoloration and tooth decay.


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Sometimes, the best way to protect teeth from discoloration is by making sure it’s healthy in the first place. Our teeth are made up of calcium so adding to it helps promote its protection. Hard blocks of cheese should provide you with a healthy dose of calcium

Furthermore, the lactic acid found in cheese helps protect teeth from tooth decay. Tooth decay has been known to cause teeth discoloration so avoiding that all together is advised. And, if that doesn’t work for you, then just know that the very act of rubbing against its texture helps remove surface stains from your teeth.


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Going back to the notion of teeth scrubbing. Chomping down on crunchy broccoli might not be your best snack. However, the crunchiness of broccoli actually helps scrub the teeth. It removes surface stains and other forms of harmful bacteria that causes discoloration. Try and remember this you decide to snack on something healthy.

In addition to its crunchy exterior, broccoli is also a great source of iron. Iron has been known to coat your teeth with a protective layer. A protective layer that helps shield your teeth from the formation of tooth decay. If you are looking to try on a healthier batch of snacks, then try broccoli.


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You might have heard of acidic fruits that can actually damage the teeth. However, that notion only works if you consume too of its acid. Keeping things in moderation helps prevent future complications.

So, with that said, oranges can actually offer you a series of benefits that help keep your mouth healthy. A healthy mouth means cleaner and whiter teeth. Let’s start with simpler things that oranges can offer.

First of all, oranges help promote the production of saliva. Furthermore, the acid that it produces can actually neutralize harmful bacteria. The same bacteria that causes discoloration and tooth decay. However, there is another way that a single piece of orange can help whiten your teeth, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Take the orange peels and wash it thoroughly.
  • Instead, use the inner portion of it and rub against your teeth.
  • This helps reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque.

Other Methods of Whitening Teeth Naturally

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What if, for some reason, you don’t want to change your diet to whiten your teeth? Well, there are other methods of whitening your teeth. Refer to the methods mentioned below:

  • Baking Soda
    • Toothpaste brands that use baking soda have been shown to whiten teeth more quickly than those that don’t.
    • You can try and combine two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of baking soda to make your own whitening toothpaste.
  • Apple Cider
    • The acidic content of apple cider actually helps dispell surface stains and other formations of harmful bacteria.
    • Soak a cotton ball into the vinegar and dab it gently on your teeth. Do this at least once a day for a week or two.
  • Oil Pulling
    • This has been a method used for years to promote a healthy oral hygiene.
    • Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and let it melt in your mouth.
    • Swish it around your teeth for about one minute.
    • Spit it out and repeat the process every morning before you brush your teeth.

Dental Whitening

Do remember that the natural method of whitening teeth may take a few weeks or months before the changes are seen. This is why most would prefer to pay for teeth whitening.

Dentists today offer laser or bleach whitening that only takes a few hours to do. However, the service is pretty pricey so do keep that in mind. Think about what method suits your needs the most before making a decision.


Everyone wants whiter teeth. It’s a type of beauty that’s objectively seen as better than darker teeth. Luckily, there are plenty of methods to try in order to whiten teeth. What method that suits you best is up to you so it’s always advised to try and weigh your options. Planning is important especially when it comes to our own set of teeth.