The price of teeth whitening in the Philippines can vary and may depend on a couple of factors. Of course, each dental clinic has its own price and some may differ. However, there are also some things you may need to know about the service before you pour your money into it. It is quite crucial to know of these since a teeth whitening service is a service most people want to try but don’t know much about. 

Cost of Teeth Whitening in the Philippines

The average cost of teeth whitening here in the Philippines is around Php 9,000. However, the price can easily go up as the service tends to be loose with its degree of effectiveness. You see, the effectiveness of an in-office teeth whitening service may vary. If you want a near-instant way of teeth whitening, then a dentist can use The Zoom system. This technique makes an appointment last for only two hours and the effects are instant. The price for this method can go up Php 20,000. So, pick your methods carefully.

Teeth Whitening at Home

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In an in-office teeth whitening service, the effect is much faster since a combination of heat and light is used. If you don’t want to pay for the hefty price, however, then doing it at home is also viable.

The most common of these at-home whitening methods is through the use of a whitening kit. These kits can come in different forms such as strips, a tray, and even a retainer. Regardless, each kit uses a peroxide-based bleaching agent as its main ingredient. Each kit does come with a set of instructions that should be followed down to a tee.

So, how effective are these kits? Well, an in-office service remains the best way to get your teeth whitened. These kits do still hold some effect and some dental clinics do recommend them if you can’t afford the service.

However, as is with most at-home methods, there are a few precautions one should remember. First of all, if not done correctly, the whitening method may affect more than the teeth leading to bleached gums. Also, a teeth whitening service, regardless if it’s at home or in a clinic, only works for yellowish teeth. Having brown, gray, or purple teeth won’t do. Finally, using too much peroxide in your whitening methods can result in sensitive teeth.

To avoid any side effects or unwanted consequences, it’s always best to consult your dentist about the procedure. Never take a service as simple as teeth whitening too lightly.

How To Maintain Whiter Teeth?

One of the simplest ways to keep your teeth white is by practicing good oral health. Brush at least twice a day and floss only once. This helps avoid staining as there are certain liquids that promote teeth staining. These liquids include red wine, coffee, coke, and other consumables high in sugar and acidic compounds. While we’re on the topic, it’s best to ease off on these types of drinks if you do wish to keep your teeth.

Unorthodox Methods

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There are at-home teeth whitening kits recommended by dentists and there are methods that are not. These unorthodox methods are known throughout as a do-it-yourself type of methods. These are made up of different methods using different kinds of materials that allegedly results in whiter teeth. If you to stay far away from the hefty price of teeth whitening in the Philippines, then these methods may be for you.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Let’s start with the one closest to a dental-grade method of teeth whitening. This approach involves dipping your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and then brushing your teeth with it. With hydrogen peroxide being a natural bleaching agent, this method is said to take effect after a number of months. It’s best done once or twice a week.

Baking Soda

This technique involves the use of baking soda by adding it to a whitening toothpaste. However, there are some who say that baking soda is best used with hydrogen peroxide. By mixing both components together and making a paste-like substance, one can use it at as a whitening toothpaste. The effects may vary and the user still has to wait for a few months or so before the effects are seen.

Oil Pulling

As weird as this may sound, the use of coconut oil to whiten teeth is not an uncommon method. Oil pulling involves the use of coconut oil. The user takes a sizeable amount of coconut oil and swishes around their teeth. Doing this for 20 minutes at a time help dissolve toxins, plaque, and other harmful agents. With these toxins dissolved, the method makes way for whiter teeth.

Strawberry Slices

This method was birthed from a few celebrity gossips. The approach involves the use of strawberry and its juices. By slicing a strawberry in half and rubbing it against your teeth, you’re effectively killing bacteria that stain the teeth.  

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Apple Cider

Apple cider is known for its many medical appliances. However, did you know that rubbing it against your teeth also helps whiten it? The apple cider method involves rubbing a healthy dose of apple cider against your teeth. This helps dissolve plaque and bacteria and makes way for whiter teeth.

A Few Closing Words

At the end of the day, all of the methods mentioned above can easily be solved or answered by a simple visit to your dentist. Always consult your dentist when it comes to services that seem simple but actually has a few precautions that come with it. Teeth whitening, for example, may be a service that seems too innocent but it helps to know everything about it. Information is always key if you wish to invest a lot of money into a service.

Finally, do remember that a method or procedure done by a dental practitioner is always the best approach to anything. You’re only risking your oral health by doing any of the aforementioned methods.